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Due to thermal limiations, all 667MHz must have full heat spreaders. Memory Risers. The memory expansion risers (RISER_1, 2, 3, and 4) plug directly into the memory slots on the system board (DIMM_1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively). They increase the available memory slots from eight to sixteen.

RDRAM - Wikipedia Rambus DRAM (RDRAM), and its successors Concurrent Rambus DRAM ( CRDRAM) and ... Any remaining open memory slots must be filled with continuity RIMMs (CRIMMs.) ... more heat than SDRAM chips, necessitating heatspreaders on all RIMM devices. ... Since then, no production Intel 820 motherboards contain MTH. A+ Certification Flashcards May 9, 2012 ... Windows xp must have \Valueadd\MSFT\Ntbackup \NTbackup.msi installed ... This root key contains all the data for a system's non-user-specific configurations. ... RDRAM motherboards also required that all RIMM slots be populated. Unused pairs of slots needed a passive device called a continuity RIMM ... Packaging Modules | A+ Exam Cram 2: Memory | Pearson IT ... Jan 3, 2003 ... Tin sockets (or slots) should use tin edge connectors. ... socket is in between two RIMM chips, you must install a continuity module, which is a .... Even if all the memory is contained in a single module, the unused sockets must ... Motherboard RAM Slots - CompTIA A+ 220-801: 1.2 | Professor Messer ...

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For some latches, you must press the latch twice: once to pop the latch out, and then a second time to pop the card out. Dell Latitude D620 User's Guide

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